in the cloud

I’M STILL NOT OUT OF IT, by far. I would not say my mind has been damaged. This is the wrong concept. But my mind is elsewhere. I am thinking of old discussions, arguments, intrigues, images. My mind is awash in these images as I walk down streets, past old houses and barns. If you asked me what color those houses were, these would have barely registered, because as I said my mind is elsewhere, in the cloud. When you do turn off, other people’s behavior becomes fascinating. I watched a woman walking down the street today staring at her little rectangular device screen, laughing her head off. I realized, I was probably the only person who saw this sight. The girl next to me at the café had her nose in her phone. It’s become severely bizarre. Just days ago, I was the same. Walking around Viljandi, staring at my screen to change the song that was playing or reply to some message. Sadder are the images of my children when they were small. In nearly every one, a laptop is open. This is where my life went, straight into this digital dimension. Nearly every person I interview is connected in some way with the digital economy, the digital ecosystem. They create content and solutions and so do I. Even this here is content. Even this here is part of the ecosystem. It’s not Orwellian just yet, or maybe it is, but either way, I cannot really attach a moral value to it. I only know that I feel my mind is changing, and that I do feel slightly more at peace today and slightly more in my true reality. If only slightly. This is the second day off social media.

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