you did this

YOU ARE THE MAN who has done it all wrong, right from the beginning. You are spoiled, ungrateful, remorseless and, worst of all, bad. Also inadequate. Never lived up to your potential, a failed experiment, but not much to work from. Flawed. Everything bad that has befallen you is your own doing. Anything bad that happens is, in some way, because of you, either by what you did at some moment in the past, or what you didn’t do, or should have done, at that key moment. Unfortunate, certainly. Most unfortunate! Why couldn’t you have been like X, or Z for that matter? They have done it all correctly, but your way has been incorrect. You feel bad? Well, I feel worse. Whatever calamity or distress you experience is your doing, and whatever is wrong with me is your fault too. And they won’t even talk to you, or barely look at you? Well, who could blame them, knowing everything you’ve done wrong, everything you’ve said wrong. Oh, you’ve apologized? Well, I will be the judge of whether or not your apology is sincere or not. I don’t feel it’s sincere though. You’re lucky I am even talking to you. You’re lucky anyone does. There’s nothing more to say, really. This is all your doing. You did this to yourself.

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