brian and elvis

“Well, I think Presley, he got a whole thing going. I’m not very interested in Elvis Presley. He made some very good records early on, when he was still interested in his profession. But he lost interest in his career a long time ago. It’s a very impersonal sort of thing. Presley’s records are very impersonal and he has no feeling behind them. I wouldn’t bother to listen to Elvis Presley these days. I just wouldn’t bother. As far as I’m concerned, he’s of no importance in the pop music world whatsoever.”

— Rolling Stones’ guitarist Brian Jones on Swedish National Radio, 1 April 1965

One thought on “brian and elvis

  1. Kkkkkk! Realmente a importância de Elvis é tão pouca que mesmo passados 44 anos de sua morte ele ainda incomoda quem não tem luz própria! Quem é esse Brian Jones mesmo?

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