I first came to Stockholm when I was a month shy of 22, took a room in a hostel in Zinkensdam on Södermalm, the city’s fashionable southern district, wandered its streets. I never would have thought that I would return to this place so many times in my life, or that it would continue to fertilize my spirit with its custard- and mustard-colored houses, yellow-headed pretty people, green parks, Indian curries, long-playing vinyl, bell-ringing bicycles, high cliffs, and soothing cool harbor sea air. 

One thought on “södermalm

  1. Bravo ho sperato in un risveglio della sinistra quando ho partecipato alle prime prmaeria,illora mi avete delusa poi ho capito che bisognava riflettere su cosa fare per la città Vada avanti così,non accetti nessun tipo di compromessi e vedrà che la città le verrà dietro.Nel mio piccolo farò conoscere le sue iniziative ad altre persone. NORA M.

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