gaudete sunday

THEN HE TOLD HIMSELF, that he was allowed to live his own life, and no longer worry about love, or achievements, or about the future, or what was right, and what was what and who was who. He allowed chaos into his life and stopped trying to control things. You can’t try to control life, no matter how hard you try to engineer it. Life can never be perfect, because a perfect life is just that: a life. From then on, he communicated freely with whomever he pleased, and did also whatever he pleased, freely and fluently, without any forms of worry, suspicion, despair, hang ups, ulterior motives, or second thoughts. When he wanted to lie with someone, then he lied with her, and when he wanted to be alone, then he was alone and he enjoyed it. It was Gaudete Sunday then, the third Sunday of Advent, also known as the Sunday of Joy. That was when he received the message.

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